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volume 24 number 4




  • The Leadership Role of the Prime Minister and Party (Adobe PDF Document 179Kb)
    Aurelia George Mulgan

    Transformational leadership implies both a reforming vision and the achievement of significant change. Strong transformational leadership, as provided by some western democratic leaders, has not been possible in Japan because of the lack of institutional power available to the formal executive and the strong policy nexus between the ruling party and the bureaucracy. The failure of the Koizumi government to implement its reform agenda illustrates this impossibility. However, some Japanese prime ministers, including Koizumi himself, have been able to exhibit a relatively weak form of transformational leadership, in comparison with the more transactional style typical of most prime ministers. Whether the ruling LDP is capable of sustaining a stronger form of leadership is open to doubt.

    Mulgan, A.G. 2004. ‘The Leadership Role of the Prime Minister and Party.’ Policy and Society 23 (1): 5-20.